Centre for Environmental Modelling (CEM)

Welcome to the Centre for Environmental Modelling

The goal of environmental modelling is to understand complex ecological patterns and processes, to extrapolate these processes in time and space, as well as to support the management of ecological resources.

The Centre for Environmental Modelling (CEM) at the University of Oldenburg is an interdisciplinary organisation whose members belong to different faculties and departments. Members of the CEM are actively involved in research and teaching on environmental modelling.

CEM structure

Interdisciplinary research projects concern the analysis and modelling of ecological processes and systems, as well as on the interaction between human and their natural environment. CEM supports the scientific discourse: Mathematicians and computer scientists offer methods and tools for environmental modelling on the one hand; specialists from ecology, physics, and economy provide expert knowledge in environmental systems on the other hand. The CEM aims at interdisciplinary teaching modules for an excellent education, and co-ordinates courses related to environmental modelling at our University.